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Mission Trip 2018 to Africa: December Edition

Our team of volunteers in Safe Water for Sierra Leone arrived safely in the country after a successful mission trip in Sierra Leone on June 17 – July 25, 2018. We have delivered your generous donations of medical supplies to the poor communities in the region who were affected by the outbreaks of cholera and Ebola Virus. Along with that, we pursued our projects of providing clean drinking water to the communities in Sierra Leone.

This December 2018, we will be embarking on the next round of our mission trip. Once again, we enjoin you to partner with us by being a volunteer or donor, so that we can save lives one community at a time.

Sierra Leone Water Problem in 2018

According to Awoko, the need for clean and safe drinking water continues to persist in about 60% of Sierra Leone’s population. In addition, their main source of drinking water, the Guma Valley Dam located in Freetown, is in need of huge structural renovation. The dam has currently gone beyond its capacity to provide clean water to approximately 2 million people.

Additionally, Sierra Leone’s new minister for Water Resources is working on gathering more support to resolve the water problem in the nation.

With this information, and observation from our recent African Mission Trip, our team at Safe Water for Sierra Leone is more emboldened than ever to help provide access to clean and safe drinking water to the affected communities. We continue to work on accomplishing our project of putting up potable water resources in 25 communities of Sierra Leone.

The availability of clean water will surely renew the hope in the hearts of many affected residents in Sierra Leone. With your generous donations and volunteerism, along with our partnership with the local government and other like-minded organizations, we can fight off the spread of water-borne illnesses and establish sanitation and good health.

Here’s How You Can Help:

The access to clean and safe drinking water is a human right. It’s as necessary for you as for the people in Sierra Leone. You can do something to save precious lives from water-borne diseases. Be one of our donors or volunteers at Safe Water for Sierra Leone. Help save a life today!

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